A woodworker for over thirty years, I have been making furniture and related items to my own design since the mid 1990s. I continue to focus on the production of unique commissioned and speculative pieces, most typically freestanding and wall-mounted, and human scale in character and dimension — such that they are the ideas and efforts of one person.

I aim to create intelligible, well-considered work in wood — work that is connected and appropriately expressive, materially and structurally. Many of my designs feature raised or inset elements and particular arrangements to best accommodate the animate nature of my material. Relief, texture and punctuating end-grain details are also used to delineate components and define connections.

I am the recipient of a prestigious Bespoke Guild Mark, awarded by The Furniture Makers Company for design and making excellence. I exhibit my work through selected exhibitions and leading UK galleries from time to time. Each piece is individually made by myself in my Staffordshire workshop.