Each bespoke project I undertake is either a dimensional variation or further development of one of my existing designs. This approach provides a common basis on which previously tested outcomes can be reimagined and suitably reworked with far greater confidence and without compromise. It also upholds those sensibilities to which I have become attached over the years with regard to particular ways of working and appropriate material use. 

And so, with such appreciations hopefully shared, the commissioning process may begin, most usually, with an initial chat and perhaps a visit. We will discuss requirements and preferences, materials and details, light, space, time and effort.

I will show you a portfolio of previous work to help ideas emerge and guideline costs to be established. If you are happy to proceed, I will develop our ideas further and, in due course, present preliminary design proposals along with a firm price. Drawings, samples and models may help you decide.

Following any necessary adjustments and only when you are completely satisfied will I then ask for an initial deposit of, most typically, thirty percent to confirm the commission. 

On receipt of the commission deposit, workshop time will be allocated and materials selected and prepared. The project will then begin to take shape. Should you wish, you will be regularly updated on its progress.  

When your piece is finished, it will be delivered and positioned by myself and, on your approval, a balancing payment will complete the journey.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like any further information. I am very happy to discuss ideas and costs without obligation.

-  Ian Cresswell

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